Mono / Mista Breakfast

Origins lie dormant inside my head , discount
put  there by a constant stream of input from my surroundings , so i surround myself with the bizarre ,and constantly seek out stimulation .  Eyes  constantly roaming ,raging, my head translating the patterns conjured internal so that my hands can be as Xerox machines . The inner sanctum  in a state of perpetual revision , reforming and adding bits as the journey continues , creating a machine , so that this process becomes automatic, effortless. Part man , part robot . . . a thinking creative side, the mind , encased in a self made exoskeleton capable of carrying out the whims of the brain unit . Updating and improving , upgrading for the future. Subjected to numerous hazardous enviroments  and variable conditions ,i view the horizon with wide angle binoculars , travelling far outside the box, i abhor the narrow minded . From past to future and everything in between , hindsight and unforeseeable possiblitities rolled into one . Juxtaposed but balanced , hopping effortlessly from one side of the chasm to the other , fighting off the narrow mindedness that affects so many. Immersed from nose to tail in extraneous influence , combining deep historical knowledge with dystopic wanderings . Metaphysical interpretations of the after future spring into being  and thus in the guise of Mono , the aim is to capture these insights  and reinterpret  them visually as best i know how. We are Mono , we are one ,yet we are many . . . i accept my imperfections  but am constantly at war . My only battle is with myself .



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